Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I've Been Reading Lately...

Yes, I caved.

This is a cool cave image I found on this forum. It seriously reminds me of the Covenant series and also the Luxen series...I mean, look how fabulous this artwork is, all the colors and the lights and the shading. :)

I bought Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout on my kindle. And yes, I loved it. I read it in one sitting, er... laying. And then I bought Pure (Covenant #2) right after I finished Half-Blood, and I finished that in the same sitting/laying. And then I proceeded to buy Deity (Covenant #3) (which just came out a few days ago, thank my lucky stars). Just as I was about to begin, I looked at the time and saw that it was 5:30am and that it was starting to get light outside. I felt a little reckless and knew I'd be miserable if I didn't stop, so I plugged my kindle into its charger and went to sleep.

Jennifer L. Armentrout - YOU WRITE SO GOOD I DON'T SPEAK SO GOOD ENGLISH. Holy cow, your stories are fabulous. I thought this series was going to be really similar to her Luxen series, but it was on a whole other level. Very rarely did I think about the Luxen series as I read the first two books in her Covenant series, and it's clear that she is a very talented author. Her characters stand out on their own, they don't blend in to each other over different series. I just figured it would be another version of Katy/Daemon, but I was pleasantly surprised when it turns out that Alex&Aiden&Seth and everyone else are just as original and refreshing as the setting we find ourselves in. I love the Greek mythology theme in this series, and it's not over played to the fact that it feels fake. I could totally believe this was happening, just as Hogwarts & the world of Harry Potter could exist. Why weren't one of my parents a Pure-blood who got it on with a mortal? Being a half-blood seems to rock (except for all the messed up rules and how pure-bloods are just like pure-bloods in HP, they look down on the half-bloods/mudbloods (but they still need them!!!).

Review for this series to come... I'm about to take a break and have a movie marathon because all this reading in such a short amount of time has made my eyesight a little weak... guess I should make the text size bigger on my kindle. Makes me feel old just saying that!

Happy reading!
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