Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pay It Forward Contest by Beth Revis

<<< Beth Revis, the author of the best selling novels
Across the Universe, A Million Suns, and Shades of Earth, is hosting a giveaway on her blog until February 17th. There are over 20 prizes of all her books and some from the authors she's toured with.

Copied directly from her blog post, these are the main rules/information for the contest:

  • "There are 21 prizes. One grandprize winner will get a complete signed trilogy, plus two ARCs of anthologies I'm a part of, plus a signed copy of all the books by the lovely ladies who helped me celebrate my launch. Fifteen runners-up will win a signed hardback of SHADES OF EARTH, and five other runners-up will win a signed paperback of A MILLION SUNS.
  • To enter for the grand prize pack or the fifteen signed SHADES OF EARTH, just take a picture of yourself with your copy of SHADES OF EARTH. Library copies, e-books, and hardback copies count--but ARCs don't. You can also pose the book with your dog, in your neighborhood, or anywhere else except in a bookstore. Post the picture online and include the link to it here. You can post it on Twitter, Facebook (if it's public so I can check it), on your blog, Instagram, whatever. 
  • To enter for the five signed copies of A MILLION SUNS, do the same thing, except pose with the first book, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. This prize pack is specifically designed for people who've only read the first book and need to catch up with the rest. 
  • Unfortunately, this contest is open to US/Canada only. I recently spent more than $200 on postage to foreign nations for previous contests, and I can't do that again for a bit. I hope you understand. If you have an American friend who can accept the package for you, you can enter--as long as I have an American/Canadian address to ship to.
  • There is only one way to get an extra point--let me know if I can post your picture online or not. You answer does NOT effect your chances of winning--I just want to know if you'd mind me sharing your pic on my website. 
  • You can enter both contests, as long as you post two pictures. 
  • This contest will run through February 17th--which gives you a chance to enter if you come to one of my book tour stops for Breathless Reads"

There's also a video with all this information on that same blog post, where you get to listen to her explain it all while showing you some of the prizes. I, personally, love her vlogs. She's got all this knowledge and experience and I've spent many a nights watching videos and reading blog posts and interviews about her successes and struggles in the publishing world. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog, she has some exclusive extra content from the first 2 books in the Across the Universe series hidden around her website/blog and it's got a really fun layout. 

Check out her blog post for more information! (author photo & Shades of Earth photo borrowed from Beth Revis's website: www.bethrevis.blogspot.com) 

While I am doing my best to pay it forward for this contest by posting about it here on my blog, I am also using this blog post to submit my entry, which is a photo of me and my copy of Shades of Earth. 

I'm not usually egotistical, but I liked these two the best, so bare with my crazed faces for the sake of this contest!

Good luck to all those who enter and look for my review in the near future! 

Happy Reading! 

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