Sunday, January 27, 2013

Showcase Sunday #6 - January Edition

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Books, Biscuits, and Tea! This is where each Sunday, we can "showcase" what we've gotten in the way of books; in the mail, at the bookstore, the library, or as a gift!

I would love to stay on top of my posts, but it seems that my blogging comes in bursts and I have decided for my Showcase Sunday, I will try to do one a month. 
If I can manage that, I will be quite happy. :)

January 2013 has been the best month of new releases ever! Well, it's the first month of 2013, so we'll see how the other months turn out when we come to them, but holy cow! After Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi comes out on February 5th, I need to have a serious book buying ban. 
NEW BOOKS, WHY U SO PRETTY? Wallet, where did my moneys go?

Books Bought:

This is the final book in the series and I am so attached to the story and the characters. I'll probably cry at the end. Revis needs to come out with her next project/series/amazingness soon or else I'll be going through major withdrawals.

OMG SO PRETTY. Ever since I saw this book on someone's blog I have been obsessing over it. I love the time era it takes place in and I just love the premise and can't wait to start reading it. I wouldn't be lying if I said I occasionally take it off my bookshelf and just hold it and stare at it and talk to it. Don't judge, okay? I'm in an open book relationship...get it? ;)

Another book I've been obsessing over. The cover feels so soft, it gives me so many feels! It's about lives in books in a library, what more could a nerd like me need?

Ok, so I pretty much covet any book featured on Krista and Becca's blog, Nawanda Files, so this is another one I discovered because of them and it's another soft cover... publishers are doing something right!

I don't remember where I saw this, but I am super excited to read it. It's about the afterlife, but the middle stage... Level 2! There's romance, a government overthrown, angels! Ahhh, feels. :)

I've wanted to read this series for a while now but never got a copy. I was in the airport a few weeks ago and HAD TO BUY SOMETHING so I bought this from the bookstore in the Colorado airport. For a paperback, it's huge! Extra story makes Sallie extra happy. 

Another book I discovered at Nawanda Files. Those girls seriously know what's up! This one half X-Men half runaway kids. Good times will be had by all! 

Another final book in a series. I haven't even read the second book in the series yet, Crossed. But this may have been intentional so I wouldn't have to wait in between book 2 and 3. Or maybe I just forgot to read Crossed because it was buried. :P

Books Traded:

YA Book Exchange is a new and fantabulous website created by Krista and Becca over at Nawanda Files (my favorite blog ever!!!) where you can trade your YA books with other YA book lovers so that 'no book is left behind'! Right Obama? :)

I read the first book, Bumped, and thought it was quirky and fun. I like McCafferty's books because they're light and entertaining with a deeper meaning than you'd think. 

I read the first book, Enclave, which I actually have posted on the website up for trade. It's a different take on zombies/apocalypse and the character development was fantastic! Looking forward to see what happens next.

I've wanted to read Johnson's series foreverrr but never got around to it. This gave me the perfect opportunity as I traded a book I'd already read so I can now experience the awesomesauce that is Johnson's Possession series. 

E-books Bought:

None! I'm not allowing myself to buy any more e-books when I already have a ton of unfinished e-books to read. I need to whittle that pile down before I can even consider jumping back into the e-book buying craze. Money doesn't grow on electronic trees, amiright?!

Phew! What a month. What bookish things have you received? And if you take part in a weekly or monthly wrap up of all things bookish, what do you find is the best and worst part of blogging about them??

Happy Reading!


  1. SO MANY BEAUTIES!! I'm jealous of your Madman's Daughter hardback. I was debating whether on buying a finished copy because's gorgeous. And I'm so glad you got some great books via YA Book Exchange!!!

    Also, I LOVED Shadowlands and was about to purchase a HB but on Amazon it showed (ugly) purple clouds on the cover.

    But in the bookstore they didn't have purple Did you buy yours online? It looks like the pretty version.

    1. Go buy the finished copy of The Madman's Daughter! It's beautiful!!

      As for Shadowlands, I special ordered my copy from my local indie and it doesn't have the purple clouds on it. I have no idea why the Amazon cover has purple clouds on it.. that's so strange! It kind of takes away from the cover being a purple eye sore :(. I would just buy it from the bookstore if you found one without the purple clouds - again, I wonder if there's an explanation or maybe just a mixup. I'll have to google this later because now I'm curious!

      Also - I'm OBSESSED with YA Book Exchange lately. I have serious debates with myself if I can part with one of my books for another book I want. It's some intense decisions!

      Thanks for stopping by, Krista!


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